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Data: Sábado, 02 de Setembro de 2006 19:35
Assunto: Napoleonic Lessons for Google & Microsoft


    "When management forcefully steps in, the pace of change will slow."
Microsoft, on the other hand, has a well known bureaucratic problem. There
are over 12 layers of middle managers between executives and the developers.
As a result, the company takes the course that its top managers set for it.
Instead of allowing innovation to originate from developers, it flows from
top level managers to code-monkeys at the lowest base. This is quite common
in other companies as well. The natural tendency of a top manager in any
company is to want to control the group, to coordinate its every movement,
but that ends up tying the company to the past and to the slow moving armies
in history."

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http://shuzak.com/Personal/Napoleonic-Lessons-for-Google-and-Microsoft.php .

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