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Data: Segunda, 07 de Agosto de 2006 02:07
Assunto: Boom Radio Live


    "Boom Festival is a global art, music & culture gathering held every two
years in Portugal's sun-drenched countryside in a stunning outdoor location
on the shore of the Lake Idanha-a-Nova.

    Bringing together the latest in psychedelic audio and visuals, art
installations and workshops this week-long event is a harmonic convergence
of people, energy, information and philosophies from around planet Earth and

    Synchronized multi-dimensionally with the full moon of August the next
incarnation of the Boom is taking a bio-dynamic approach by incorporating a
variety of sustainable techniques and Earth-based forms throughout its

    Reflecting a harmonic balance of the organic and the cyber-technologic,
Boom 06 maps the metaphysical framework in accordance with Peace, Love,
Unity and Respect.

    The tone is set for a transformative experience in celebration of the
perpetual cycle of creation and re-creation - from the Beginning of the
Whole to the Eschaton."

    Mais em http://www.boomfestival.org/ .

    Para quem não puder ir, ficam aqui os links para o live audio streaming
do evento:

    http://live1.radiovague.com:8000/boom.mp3 (64k)
    http://www.psystream.net:8004/ (128k)

@241, Nbk

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