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Data: Segunda, 12 de Setembro de 2005 22:30
Assunto: Current TV



    "Current is about what's going on.

    We follow the global pulse via Google Current, a real-time view of what
the world's searching for, presented every half-hour around the clock.

    We slice the rest of the schedule into short pods -- each just a few
minutes long -- that range far and wide, from international dispatches to
profiles of cool people to intelligence on new trends. This is not a
traditional TV network; watching Current, you'll see more, on more topics,
from more points of view.

    And much of it comes straight from you.

    We call it viewer-created content, or VC2, and it's created in the
Current Studio, an online extension of our real studios in San Francisco and
LA. Anybody can join in to produce VC2 (and get paid for it) or watch and
vote for what goes on TV."


@937, Nbk

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