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De: "Olavo Santos" <nbk(arroba)cyberdude.com>
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Data: Segunda, 12 de Setembro de 2005 05:11
Assunto: Voodoo PC



    "There is a long heritage here at VoodooPC that's filled with pride and
tradition. When we started out nearly 15 years ago, we were building
powerful PCs by hand, one at a time. We didn't rest until every last widget
was in place. That tradition is probably the only thing that hasn't changed
about Voodoo over the years. We've been racing ahead of the pack since the
beginning and we've never looked back."

    Estes e a AlienWare ( www.alienware.com ) fazem dos portŠteis (PC) uma
obra de arte. :-)

@215, Nbk

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