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De: "Olavo Santos" <nbk(arroba)cyberdude.com>
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Data: Segunda, 15 de Agosto de 2005 04:21
Assunto: How AOL Seized a Spammer's Gold


    As voltas que a história dá!

    "For a kid from New Hampshire, it seemed like the American dream come
true -- a successful new business, money pouring in, a hot car and loads of
cash. And all of this before he turned 21.

    Only one problem. his wealth came from flooding e-mail boxes with spam.
At its height, the New Hampshire Spammer's "business" employed 40 computers
dedicated to pumping out millions of spam messages a day -- with offers for
ephedra, male enhancement pills and other dubious products. (On one day
alone in January 2004, this spammer's efforts triggered more than 100,000
complaints from AOL members.)"


@181, Nbk

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