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De: Vasco Pinheiro <dragon(arroba)cidadela.org>
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Data: Domingo, 17 de Abril de 2005 17:00
Assunto: Area 51 secrets unveiled by Google


Artigo do INQ:

«AN ENTERPRISING surfer has found a way to harness Google's new mapping 
facility to uncover the secrets of Area 51.

The American military base, in the Nevada desert, is steeped in history 
and rumour - allegedly being the place where all of Uncle Sam's work 
with extra-terrestrials and physics-defying technology takes place. The 
place is so heavily guarded, it's almost impossible to get within miles 
of it.

However, with satellite map technology, you can uncover some pretty 
spectacular pictures of the base, including some interesting structures 
in and around it that can't quite be identified. »

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