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De: "Olavo Santos" <nbk(arroba)cyberdude.com>
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Data: Terįa, 04 de Janeiro de 2005 00:52
Assunto: The BitTorrent Effect


    Andava eu ā procura de literatura sobre bittorrent e eis que surge este
e_x_c_e_l_e_n_t_e artigo na Wired:


    "Evidence that Burnham's prediction is coming true came a few weeks
before the US presidential election in November, when Jon Stewart - host of
Comedy Central's irreverent The Daily Show - made a now-famous appearance on
CNN's Crossfire. (...) Delighted fans immediately ripped the segment and
posted it online as a torrent. (...) No one knows exactly how many people
got the clip through BitTorrent, but this kind of traffic on the very first
day suggests a number in the hundreds of thousands - and probably much
higher. Another 2.3 million people streamed it from iFilm.com over the next
few weeks. By contrast, CNN's audience for Crossfire was only 867,000. Three
times as many people saw Stewart's appearance online as on CNN itself."

    Hope you like it,

@068, Nbk

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