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De: Vasco Pinheiro <dragon(arroba)cidadela.org>
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Data: Quarta, 08 de Dezembro de 2004 05:18
Assunto: Sunlight to Fuel Hydrogen Future

«Auty hopes to have a working demonstration system in early 20051. He 
said they are currently able to produce a few kilograms of hydrogen per 
day at the Hydrogen Solar laboratory using cells that are approximately 
10 square inches.

(...) He said a system on a home's garage roof that is 10 percent 
efficient could provide enough hydrogen for a fuel-cell car to drive 
11,000 miles per year. "The market will have a niche in the home, as 
people will be able to install their own systems and run their vehicles 
using the hydrogen produced during daylight hours," he said. »


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