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De: Vasco Pinheiro <dragon(arroba)cidadela.org>
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Data: Segunda, 22 de Novembro de 2004 01:04
Assunto: Top 500 Supercomputers

Já saiu a nova lista das 500 "máquinas" mais rápidas do mundo!


Algumas das notas desta edição:

- The entry level for the TOP10 approaches 10 Tflop/s - only one system with 
less than 10-TFlop/s Linpack performance is in the TOP10.

- The number of systems exceeding the 1 TFflop/s mark on the Linpack jumps 
from 242 to 398 and we expect that the next list in 6 months will only list 
systems exceeding 1 TFlop/s.

- The last system on the list -- with 850 Gflop/s -- would have been listed at 
position 310 in the last TOP500 just six months ago. This exemplifies the 
continuous rapid turnover of the TOP500.

- Total accumulated performance has for the first time exceeded the 1 
Petaflop/s mark. It is now 1.127 PFlop/s, compared to 813 TFlop/s six months 

- 296 systems are now labeled as clusters, making this the most common 
architecture in the TOP500.

- A new geographical trend, which started a few years ago, now emerges more 
clearly. The number of system in Asian countries other than Japan is rising 
quite steadily. In this list Japan is listed with 30 systems and all other 
Asian countries combined have an additional 57 systems. However Europe is 
still ahead of Asia, with 127 systems installed.

- 17 of the systems in Asia are installed in China -- up from 9 systems one 
year ago.



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