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De: Vasco Pinheiro <dragon(arroba)cidadela.org>
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Data: Domingo, 21 de Novembro de 2004 03:08
Assunto: Space Elevator? Build it on the Moon First

«Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke famously predicted that we'd see 
space elevators 50 years after people stopped laughing at the idea. Jerome 
Pearson has been thinking about space elevators since the early 1970s, and 
he's been watching the growing enthusiasm (and fading chuckles) with great 
interest. But he knows there are significant challenges in engineering and 
materials that still need to be overcome, so he's suggesting NASA build an 
elevator on the Moon first. And the agency is taking the idea seriously.»



 Today's Linux Fortune! 

Charles Briscoe-Smith <cpbs@debian.org>:
  After all, the gzip package is called `gzip', not `libz-bin'...

James Troup <troup@debian.org>:
  Uh, probably because the gzip binary doesn't come from the
  non-existent libz package or the existent zlib package.
	-- debian-bugs-dist

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