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De: Hugo Filipe Ramos <hugo(arroba)pylabs.com>
Para: Webards <news(arroba)webards.net>
Data: Terįa, 21 de Setembro de 2004 09:01
Assunto: Ainda ha bons mecenas!

A Sourceforge.net recebeu a maior contribuicao individual de sempre!!!
400.000 dolares!

"we recently received our single largest donation to
SourceForge.net.  The Omidyar Network, founded by Pierre Omidyar
(founder of EBay) and his wife Pam, gave $400,000 to SourceForge.net.
The money is being used to update the User Interface on SF.net and the
tools on the site (such as the File Release System, forums and
Tracker), as well as improved functionality and statistics on the
site.  The SF.net team would like to greatly thank the Omidyar Network
for their very generous support.
You can read the press release here:
Omdiyar Network's website can be viewed here:


Hugo Filipe Ramos - hugo@pylabs.com

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