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Data: Sexta, 17 de Setembro de 2004 02:03
Assunto: "Step Toward Universal Computing"

Há quem diga que é "fazer ouro apartir do chumbo". Na realidade é um 
"emulador" (apesar dos criadores preferierem chamar-lhe "hardware 
virtualization"), que permite correr qualquer aplicação em qualquer tipo de 
arquitectura de hardware. Promete! :)

As "quotes" habituais:

«The company claimed QuickTransit eliminates the need to port software from 
one platform to another. Software applications written for one platform will 
run on almost any other, without any modifications to the underlying program.

For example, Wiederhold said QuickTransit will allow the next-generation Xbox 
(which will have a Mac-like PowerPC chip) to run first-generation Xbox 
software (which was written for an Intel chip).

In demonstrations to press and analysts, the company has shown a graphically 
demanding game -- a Linux version of Quake III -- running on an Apple 

"One of the key breakthroughs is performance," Wiederhold said. "You can't 
tell the difference between a translated application and a native 

Transitive launched the software on Monday with versions for Itanium, Opteron, 
x86 and Power/PowerPC chips. »

E o link para a leitura integral:


Vasco Pinheiro
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