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De: "Olavo Santos" <nbk(arroba)cyberdude.com>
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Data: Terça, 15 de Junho de 2004 15:57
Assunto: Endless Echoes



    "Endless Echoes is a unique way to send a personalized message through
space and time. Just imagine, your own voice, your own words, broadcast out
into the cosmos for all eternity.

    You can use any phone to dial into the Endless Echoes control center and
leave your message. Within seconds your words will be reaching out, beyond
the grasp of the earth's atmosphere, into the far reaches of the universe.
You can even track your message's distance right from the Endless Echoes

    Endless Echoes sends you a Certificate of Authenticity showing the exact
time and date your message was sent along with your name and the name of the
recipient. You can even request a CD recording of your Broadcast!"

    1 minuto de blábláblá para o espaço custa entre 25 e 35 dollars. WOT!

@662, Nbk

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