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Data: Segunda, 07 de Junho de 2004 18:48
Assunto: Ireland Works to Stay in the Outsourcing Game


    Apesar de não ser um optimista ferrenho destas politicas, tenho que
reconhecer que a Irlanda sabe ir atrás das oportunidades.

    Um resumo interessante sobre o que aconteceu à Irlanda nos últimos 10
anos em:


    "These moves started to pay off during the 1990s. A high-tech industry
that employed 19,000 people in Ireland in 1992 employed 92,000 by 2000. But
then the dot-com bust and eventual global downturn sideswiped Ireland's
economy as it did most everyone else's. Job cuts by Gateway, General
Semiconductor and others caused a drop in the number of high-tech employees
in Ireland to 82,000 by 2003.

    Now that things appear to be moving Ireland's way, some economists have
questioned how viable it is for a small country to sink so much money into
research and development. But others praise the country for its success at
creating new jobs and raising living standards."

    Portugal, onde estás tu? :->

@781, Nbk

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