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De: "Olavo Santos" <nbk(arroba)cyberdude.com>
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Data: Segunda, 12 de Janeiro de 2004 19:43
Assunto: The IRC Bible



<AngryJew> Drag him up here
<RomanGuy> Yay, we have him!
<Farisee> Pilate, he has been spamming our channel!
<RomanGuy> yeah, telling us he actually has ops himself!
<Pilate> Really? Are you the operator of #Jews?
<Jesus> If you say so...
<Pilate> Ok, that's that. I find no crime in this man.
<AngryJew> oh come on!
<Priest> He's been spamming all over!
<RomanGuy> Telling everyone he loved them!
<Farisee> this is a family channel, fs! no cybering!
<Pilate> Is that so? Well Jesus, ASL?
<Jesus> 33, male, Galilee
<Pilate> Galilee? \o/ then you need not come to me
<Priest> :o
<Pilate> Not my jurisdiction. Take him to Herod!
<Farisee> you mean the guy who just happens to be in Jerusalem?
<RomanGuy> How handy!
* Herod has joined #Jerusalem
<Herod> lol, is that jesus?
<Herod> cool dude, could you like, love me?
<Herod> or do a trick
<Herod> gimme some wine
<Herod> Give your blessing to my 56k and turn it into DSL
<Herod> ...
<Herod> helloooo
* Herod slaps Jesus around a bit with a large trout
<Herod> Boooorrriiing!
* Herod has left #Jerusalem
<Pilate> wtf, i told you guys to leave
<Priest> eh, yeah,
<RomanGuy> He spams
<Pilate> I read the logs and i cannot find anything wrong with his words
<Pilate> but because it's fun i'll kick him a few times
* Jesus was kicked by Pilate
* Jesus has joined #Jerusalem
* Jesus was kicked by Pilate
* Jesus has joined #Jerusalem
* Jesus was kicked by Pilate
* Jesus has joined #Jerusalem
<Pilate> there>
<AngryJew> Noooo, crucify him!
<RomanGuy> yeah, crucify him twice!
<Pilate> Oh come on, I have to unban someone today... how about this jesus?
<Pilate> otherwise i'll unban a psycho
<Priest> Crucify him!
<Farisee> Crucify him!
<Pilate> fs, ok...
* Pilate sets mode: -b Barabas!*barabas@host1.45.98.345.310.1.jerusalem.com
* Barabas has entered #Jerusalem
<Barabas> lol!!1 i r teh F|233 K!ll0r
<Pilate> ok ok, now crucify this jesus guy...

(continua no site)

    Hilariante. É de chorar e pedir mais, lols.

@863, Nbk

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