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Data: Domingo, 04 de Janeiro de 2004 10:58
Assunto: How to Manage Geeks



     "They are taught to think logically. If you ask engineers a precise
question, they will give you a precisely truthful answer. That also tends to
mean that they'll only answer the question that you asked them. If you don't
ask them exactly the right question, sometimes they'll evade you -- not
because they're lying but because they're being so scrupulously truthful."

    "The geeks control the limits of your business. It's a fact of life: If
the technologists in your company invent something ahead of everybody else,
then all of a sudden your business will get bigger. Otherwise, it will get
smaller. You simply have to recognize and accept the critical role that
technologists play. All new-economy businesses share that property."

    "The smaller the team, the faster the team members work."

@499, Nbk

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