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Data: Domingo, 04 de Janeiro de 2004 09:36
Assunto: Quote Genial


"I'm really, really stuck and I need help.

First, try getting away from the computer for a few minutes. Computers emit
waves that affect the brain, causing these effects:

- Frustration and/or rage.

- Superstitious beliefs ("the computer hates me") and magical thinking ("the
program only works when I wear my hat backward").

- Random-walk programming (the attempt to program by writing every possible
program and choosing the one that does the right thing).

If you find yourself suffering from any of these symptoms, get up and go for
a walk. When you are calm, think about the program. What is it doing? What
are some possible causes of that behavior? When was the last time you had a
working program, and what did you do next?

Sometimes it just takes time to find a bug. We often find bugs when we are
away from the computer and let our minds wander. Some of the best places to
find bugs are trains, showers, and in bed, just before you fall asleep."

@440, Nbk

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